Precision Part Specialists

Aluminum Alloy Processing

Aluminum Alloy processing to meet the requirements of AMS – 2770, AMS – 2771, AMS – 2772, MIL-H-6088.

One of nine vacuum furnaces

Vacuum Processing

The latest in computerized state of the art vacuum processing technology with nine vacuum furnaces.

Universal batch quench furnace line

Neutral Hardening

Our new Meadville facility allows us to neutral harden larger parts and increased quantity.

Oil hard carburized parts in UBQ furnace


Carburizing or case hardening increases the surface hardness for better part toughness and ductility.

laser heat treating

Laser Heat Treating

The Laser Heat Treating processes include hardening, tempering and annealing.

Processor loading nitrider

Gas Nitriding

NITREG® Gas Nitriding is available with 20,000 lb. capacity up to 138” long.

Parts freshly out of the freezer


Increase the wear resistance of your steel via cryogenic processing.

Vacuum Anneal


Remove stress and make your material more workable through the annealing process.

Induction heat treating on end of part

Induction Processing

Electromagnetic induction is used to give components variable hardness in defined zones.

High Capacity Stress Relief

Stress Relieving

We strive for minimal distortion or dimensional change through controlled stress relief tactics.

Age Hardening

Age hardening increases the hardness of an alloy by a relatively low-temperature heat treatment with little distortion.


Tempering is included with our heat treating processes.

Blackened finish following black oxide process

Black Oxide Coating

Add an attractive black surface for additional corrosion and surface wear resistance. MIL-DTL-13924 and Stainless Steel services.


Flexible options including shipping, pickup and delivery service and a job tracking system.

Material analysis gun in use

Metallurgical Testing

We offer hardness testing, metallurgical analysis and more both in-house and through certified testing partners.

Shot blaster in McKean plant

Sandblasting & Shot Blasting

Available in all facilities to offer a variety of blasting capabilities.

Blade Division Manager checking blade straightness

Integrated Straightening

Straightening is performed via multiple methods in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements.